Important Things to know about Urgent Care

Railyard Urgent Care, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in January of 2016, joins the expanding urgent care industry across the country with new centers opening every week. Railyard Urgent Care is helping to meet the needs of consumers who have increasingly busy schedules while alleviating overcrowding in our local emergency rooms. Our Santa Fe patients rely on the convenience, high-quality care, and affordability offered at Railyard Urgent Care.

Many people still are not aware of how valuable urgent care can be for a wide variety of common medical needs.

“We want patients and our community to know that our urgent care center is here and structured to make their lives easier and healthier, “said Dr. Troy Watson, co-owner and doctor at Railyard Urgent Care. “When you or someone in your family has a common illness, a non-life threatening injury, or one of many other medical needs, urgent care centers are great options.”

Urgent care centers like Railyard Urgent Care in Santa Fe are an ideal choice for medical situations that require immediate attention, such as sprains, broken bones, flu, colds and other common illnesses. Consumers agree – as an average of 14,000 patients visit each urgent care center every year.

Our patients increasingly desire more flexibility from their healthcare providers and want convenient, affordable, high-quality treatment during the evenings and weekends – hours that work best for their schedules. This is how Railyard Urgent Care fulfills your health care needs. Episodic illness or injury may demand medical attention at a time when a primary care provider cannot fit the patient in for a visit; urgent care services that are offered in on a walk-in basis.

“We want patients to know there are a growing number of local options for medical situations that require prompt attention, but are non-life threatening,” said Dr. Victor Sherman, also a co-owner of Railyard Urgent Care. “While urgent care will never take the place of a primary care doctor for ongoing or chronic care, and is not a replacement for the emergency room in life or limb-threatening situations, the thousands of urgent care centers across the country bridge the gap between these options and provide an affordable, convenient choice for many common medical issues.”

To help this increasing urgent care demand, Railyard Urgent Care is open daily from 8am-7pm on a solely walk-in basis with the shortest possible wait times and online check-in available here.