The staff is awesome and super professional. The office is very clean, and the doctors and nurses really seem to know what they’re talking about. We have been here twice now, and would go again, and would recommend this urgent care.

-Nate C., Google+

Very nice clean environment! Dr Watson is amazing, super friendly and caring. He did not make me feel uncomfortable at all after going in for something kind of embarrassing! Also love that you can get prescriptions there! Definitely my favorite urgent care. Going back tomorrow!!!

-Melissa L., Facebook

Made an appointment at 3pm for 4:15pm. Was there at 3:45pm to fill-out paperwork. Dr saw me at 5:10pm which I thought was excellent for an urgent care facility. I told Dr. Watson what was wrong with me and what he should perscribe. He laughed, examined me and perscribed what he thought I should take. Four days later.. all better. The reception staff beyond professional… GREAT. The nurses were GREAT too. I’d reccomend The Railyard Urgent Care in a heart beat.

-Steve T., Google+

Clean comfortable waiting room and all the staff were excellent. Friendly and professional. Dr. Watson was very personable and thorough. Asked lots of questions and took the time to get a proper diagnosis and made sure I understood my next steps. Wish he was my primary care doctor!

-Ben H., Google+

I have returned again, on a Saturday morning. I was the only person in the waiting room (it was before 10 and I have learned that Santa Fe doesn’t move much until after that time) but it was a quick, easy, very professional visit. I have a regular dr in Santa Fe, but I highly recommend Railyard Urgent Care for immediate needs and to our touristas who need medical care away from home.

-Cheryl C., Yelp

Dr. Addington and the rest of the staff that cared for my sick daughter were awesome and professional and friendly. They took great care of us in the short time we were there. Prescribed medicine and ice cream and we were on our way. Thank you Railyard Urgent Care.

-Matthew L, Google+

They were excellent when I was sick the other day. Dr Troy Watson was excellent. He took the time to really listen, provide care and be responsive to my needs. While I hated having to go to urgent care and pay a higher copy I felt as though it was worth every penny.

-Suzanne P., Facebook

Since opening a year ago, Railyard Urgent Care has been my go-to place for urgent medical services in Santa Fe. The staff is courteous, the wait times short, and the doctors knowledgeable and friendly. The building itself looks more like an art gallery than a doctor’s office, which for me as an artist is a welcome change of scenery to the usually drab furniture and sickly wall colors of other medical offices. All in all, I can think of nothing that could have been done any better. Dr. Watson, the medical center’s owner did a great job with this one!

-Wolfgang B., Yelp

Railyard Urgent Care came highly recommended to me by a hotel in Santa Fe when a British visitor of mine broke her ankle while we were visiting the area. First impressions are everything, and we were instantly amazed by the compassion and quality of care we received from Robbi upon reception. Robbi juggled multiple patients and issues with unfailing respect and professionalism, not to mention a gentle sense of humor. Despite the circumstances, she made it almost fun!

I have yet to find this commitment to care anywhere in Los Angeles, where I live. We are very grateful to Robbi and the medical team at Railyard Urgent Care for all their help.

-Bev D., Yelp


Dr. Troy Watson was fabulous. Went for a scorpion bite. Turns out Dr. Troy specializes in wilderness medicine and knows all about various insects and other creatures. We were very impressed.

-Jerri U., Facebook


Excellent! Took so much time with me, went through every nook and cranny of what might possibly be the next step or steps. Great facility: there’s even a fountain. If anything ever happens this is where I’m going.

-Samara N., Facebook

great doctor + nurses, efficiently run. I’ve been there and brought a friend there. glad they are open and I recommend this urgent care.

-Cia T., Google+

I was extremely ill with a chronic autoimmune disease and the staff took incredible care of me and got me back on my feet. They are very knowledgeable and professional.

-Heather D., Facebook

Best Urgent Care in Santa Fe.

The waiting area is welcoming and very clean. Front desk staff is friendly and personable. Less than 10 minutes after completing paperwork, I was seen by a thorough and funny nurse and less than 5 minutes after that, Dr. Watson. I was in some pain and the Doctor put me at ease immediately with his disarming, familiar manner. Dr. Watson asked me questions while he efficiently performed a physical, determined the diagnosis, and wrote a prescription. I was in and out within 30 minutes and my scripts were ready at the pharmacy when I arrived 10 minutes later.

This is the kind of care we all deserve and so rarely find. Kudos to Dr. Watson and his staff for providing above-and-beyond healthcare services. You guys rock!

-Sara J., Yelp!

This is a place that gave my daughter awesome care. Their kindness and professionalism was amazing. She was terrified because she had gotten a bead lodged up her nose (she’s 4) and they had it out within a matter of 2 minutes. We will definitely return, hopefully without another bead incident.

-Kathy B., Google+

Took Mom into urgent care this morning and the staff and Dr. Troy were super fantastic! In and out in under an hour. Dr. Troy listened intently to my elderly Mom and took immediate steps to relieve her discomfort and to quell her fear! Thank you so much!

-Patricia G., Facebook

Only urgent care place I will go to in town from now on. I’ve been to the others, and though they are in network for my insurance, the care at Railyard was miles ahead of Santa Fe’s usual health care. They had in-house testing, clean, modern facilities, and I was happy with the front desk staff, my nurse, and the doctor.

-Quantum Bunny, Google +

Best experience! Great people, great facility, fantastic staff. They really care and take care of you: went above and above. The Doctor spent so much time with me, went way farther in helping than any Doctor I’ve ever had, so detailed. Cannot recommend highly enough!

-Logan H., Google +

I can’t say enough great things about Railyard Urgent Care. It was nice to be treated as an adult who is aware of her body and what is going on. Dr. Troy Watson was kind and got me on the right meds for my condition. He answered my questions respectfully and thoroughly and told me if I needed more treatment he would see me right away. I highly recommend Railyard Urgent Care for anyone needing medical attention urgently.

– Peggene B., Google +

I’ve been there twice. Both times I was treated very well by staff and Troy, one of the owners, is an excellent urgent care doc. Warm, thorough, and a great sense of humor. Without being asked, he offered to intercede to get an appointment the next day with a specialist who normally have a 6 week waiting list.

-Ron D., Google +

Railyard Urgent Care did more that what was expected, and gave advice that no other provider has ever given. The Nurse and Doctor were beyond compare.  If only the rest of Santa Fe’s Medical Facilities would catch up to the standards this Center lives up to.

-Sarah M., Yelp!

This place and its employees are awesome!! Both times my daughter and I have been in there, we’ve waited maybe 10 mins. The staff is always kind and courteous. The doc gets to you fast, and is thorough. Had the meds to the pharmacy by the time I got there. It’s clean and up to date! Thank you for being there for us.

-Jools H., Yelp!

I took in my 10 month old daughter on a late Sunday afternoon to check out a mild skin infection. There were 1-2 people ahead of us but we barely waited (5-10 min). The CNP was pleasant and immediately diagnosed the infection. We were in and out of the facility within 30-40 minutes. The staff are all kind, funny and the facility is very clean. I also like that you can check-in online in case there is a long wait. There are signs with all the costs against the wall so there are no surprises. I would highly recommend this urgent care to any mom’s in town!

-Annie S., Facebook

Loved this place! All the staff was so friendly, the atmosphere was great, and everything was new and clean. I was in and out in under an hour and the doctor was truly caring for my son that was sick. I would recommend this urgent care to anyone!!

– Lynda A., Google +

Go here before anywhere else! Very clean and modern. Short wait. Attentive. Thoughtful. Friendly. Thorough. Helpful. Great at what they do.

-Ali K., Yelp!

Agree with the other comments. Unusually warm, personal, proactive and positive.

(Dr.) Kenneth Reid, Google +