Three Easy Steps to Survive Seasonal Allergies in New Mexico

This year, many people living in Santa Fe have been saying that this is THE worst year for seasonal allergies. Even those who have lived here for many years and have never been affected by allergies are now finally feeling the discomfort of allergy season in New Mexico.

The first obvious line of defense in combatting allergies is over the counter antihistamines. But sometimes, these over the counter allergy medicines can cause more trouble than needed with side effects that make you drowsy and unable to stay alert at work. Saline sprays can also be used but symptoms often don’t vanish immediately. For severe allergies, your doctor can easily prescribe allergy shots or prescription nasal sprays. In the meantime here are three easy steps you can take right now to survive seasonal allergies in New Mexico.

Three Easy steps to survive seasonal allergies in New Mexico

  1. Keep your environment safe. Wash away pollen immediately to prevent indoor exposure. Keep windows closed to reduce the amount of pollen that enters your home or car. Take your shoes off when you go inside. Take a shower after being outside, bathe before going to bed and wash your hands and face often. Wash your hair often as pollen is easily trapped in hair and skin. This also extends to pets. Make sure to bath your pet frequently if it is allowed outside so that it does not continue to become a Trojan horse for pollen.
  1. Clean your home and car frequently during allergy season. Dust frequently and clean upholstered furniture or car seats. Wash your bedding and sheets weekly as well as blankets and bedspreads. Many people take advantage of New Mexico’s sunny days to dry clothes and towels outside on a clothesline. Do not do this during allergy season as you will bring pollen into your house. Replace filters in your heating (furnace), cooling systems (air conditioner or swamp cooler) and your vacuums with a HEPA filter.
  1. Check the pollen counts to plan your day. Avoid unnecessary trips outside, when pollen counts are high. Plan outdoor activities for days when pollen counts are lower. Here are some of the months where seasonal allergies develop most in New Mexico:


More information on Juniper and Pollen seasonal allergies in New Mexico are available at the New Mexico Department of Health.

When the going gets tough….. See your physician

Seasonal allergies can cause a profound effect on those with already compromised immune systems. For children, the elderly, and those suffering from asthma, allergies can further suppress the immune system and make you more susceptible to bacterial infections and viruses like the flu. It is important to see your physician BEFORE allergy season starts or at the very least immediately as allergy symptoms arise. That entails a wide range of symptoms including sneezing, post-nasal drip, itchy, watery, puffy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, headache, & fatigue. Often some of these symptoms mimic the flu virus or a bacterial infection, so it is good to be cautious and get checked out by your physician if your immune system is already at risk.

If allergy season has already started and you are still having itchy, sneezy, watery eyes or you are having a problem focusing at work, or you can’t sleep well, then it is definitely time to contact your physician. Allergy season in New Mexico is not something you have to just “suffer through”. There are several things your physician or an urgent care facility can do for you to help the treatment for allergies in New Mexico. If you don’t have the time to schedule with your regular physician, Railyard Urgent Care offers fast and affordable walk in appointments that can help you to diagnose your symptoms and create a plan of action for treating seasonal allergies in New Mexico.